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Travel Smart: Heart Health Tips to “Bring With You”

Who doesn’t love the thought of a much-needed vacation? A planned getaway: a time to clear your mind and rest from the hectic work week over a series of days where you spend time doing what you want to do without a care in the world. Let’s face it, as wonderful as traveling can be, arriving at your planned destination takes a lot of time, money and effort which can be stressful in and of itself.

Vacationing has the adverse effect as well and can actually aid in overall health and well-being. According to the infamous Framingham Heart Study, men who took more frequent vacations showed a reduced risk for heart disease.

If you are worried about your cardiovascular health, it is important to have a few travel tips to “take with you” no matter where your destination may be. Here are three tips and tricks to keep you feeling your best on your time off.

Eat Balanced Meals: The various new restaurants with catchy-titles might be hard to pass up but keep in mind your daily caloric intake and how a large, fatty meal will affect your mood. Eating a balanced meal with wholesome and nutritious food will give you energy to make the most of your vacation.

  • Book a room with a mini-fridge and/or kitchenette.
  • Plan one to two restaurant outings at a restaurant of your choice.
  • Pack breakfast and lunch—enjoy your meal while on the go!
    • Beach: Once you make your way to the beach, will you really want to leave? Pack a lunch and bring a small cooler or lunchbox to keep food and beverages cool.
    • Hiking: Bring lunch with you and eat outside. Having a picnic with delicious food in a new surrounding is like going out to eat, isn’t it?

Stay Active: Vacationing should be relaxing so try not to overdo the workout but definitely take advantage of the onsite resort amenities. Here’s what to look for in a resort:

  • Pool
  • Exercise room
  • Tennis court
  • Mini golf
  • Game room

Sightsee: Sightseeing will allow you to make the most of your trip whether it was planned with family, friends or on a business basis. Sometimes, traveling alone will allow you to reap the health benefits of getting away, reducing the home life stressors and tension that you may face each day along with every day job stress. If a nagging wife or husband is the least of your worries, consider reconnecting with your spouse! The time away could make you grow closer.

If you feel you’re prepared to take on the road ahead, pack your bags and get a move on. Vacation is waiting for you. Bon voyage!

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