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Soda May Increase the Risk of Heart Disease and Metabolic Syndrome

According to a recent study presented by the American Stroke Association, diet soda may increase the risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome. While this may come as a shock to most, cardiologists are not surprised.  Dr. Steven Shayani, Medical Director of Long Island Heart Associates, states, “Patients who engage in poor nutrition habits such as drinking soda every day are endangering their health, so we try to educate patients on the benefits of choosing a healthier, more nutritious diet.”

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of several risk factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and/or stroke.  Some indications of metabolic syndrome include obesity, high blood pressure and insulin resistance.

In 1948, The Framingham Heart Study was launched in order to identify the risk factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease.  The study followed 6,000 participants, and monitored a variety of lifestyle choices, including soda intake.  After years of observation, results showed an increase in metabolic syndromeamong adults consuming at least one soft drink per day, regardless of regular or diet soda.  The soda drinkers were actually 44% more likely than their non-soda-drinking peers to develop metabolic syndrome!

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that there were nearly 655,000 deaths in 2006 caused by cardiovascular disease, making it the number one killer in the US.  Numbers like this should cause us to think twice about the choices we make when it comes to diet and nutrition.

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