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LightSpeed  VCT

The LightSpeed VCT by GE Healthcare is an advanced Computer Tomography (CT) machine that offers fast and accurate readings while delivering a smaller dose of radiation—40% less to be exact.


Long Island Heart Associates is one of four locations on Long Island, and currently the only private practice to use the LightSpeed VCT. We are pleased to offer our patients the most advanced methods for early detection of internal abnormalities. The upgrade provides 128 distinct projections for improved visual image space samples as well as high-resolution images, optimized dose levels and shorter breath-holds for patients. At the Long Island Heart Associates, we want our patients to feel confident during testing and that is exactly what we aim to do.


Cardiac Calcium Scoring

Using this amazing new method of detection, the cardiac calcium scoring exam can identify heart disease at its earliest stages. In just a few short seconds, a number score is calculated, which advises patients on where they fall in the general population for risk of heart disease. This score helps our physicians to decide how to manage their patient’s risk factors.


CT Angiography

Last year, our CT angiography program was the second busiest in the country. Our doctors are proud to be the pioneers of this groundbreaking, non-invasive procedure. Done in our office, we provide a low–risk alternative to traditional angiography in a comfortable, stress-free environment. In addition to detecting the atherosclerotic process, this test can evaluate the effectiveness of stents and bypass grafts.



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