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Tilt Table Test

A tilt table test is used by your physician to assess the cause of unexplained repeated fainting. A patient could be fainting due to an abnormal nervous system reaction, a drop in blood pressure when they stand up, or abnormal heart rhythms.


What to expect during a tilt table test

After disrobing and changing into your medical gown, a nurse will place electrodes onto your chest in order to monitor your heart rate. You will then be asked to lie on the tilt table. Your nurse will strap you onto the table in order to prevent you from sliding off or moving. After you a properly secured and ready to go, the table will move horizontally and vertically a number of times to get efficient test results.

  • You may be asked to no eat or drink anything two hours before your test.
  • Please ask your doctor what medication you are allowed to take.
  • Each test varies with time frames. Your doctor will determine this based on medical history and how the test affects you.
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