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Processed Meat Linked to Heart Disease

The latest findings suggest that processed meat consumption leads to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Before you claim that the researchers are full of bologna, take a look at what they found.

Processed meat—to love it, or to love it and avoid it? That’s the question.

The latest study conducted by a group of multinational researchers found that the negative health risks associated with consuming processed meats was world-wide. The study was led by professor Sabine Rohrmann of the University of Zurich who tracked the health of bacon-loving participants for nearly a decade.

A breakdown of the study and associated findings

Is it any wonder that the consumption of bacon, salami and other processed meats have a negative implication on cardiovascular health? Being high in fat and preservatives, highly processed meat is definitely something to steer clear of, or at the very least, limit. According to’s rendition of the study, some salamis consist of 50% fat which should be taken into account for those who are already in poor health standings.

The question: Does processed meat increase an individual’s risk of early mortality?

The findings: After nearly a decade and a total of 448,568 men and women ranging in age from 35-69, the findings were a bit surprising in that processed meats were clearly indicative of negative health while red meat just trailed behind. According to BMC Medicine, the aim of the study was to examine not only processed meats but red meat and poultry consumption with the risk of early death.

The abstract of the study published on March 6th, 2013 highlights that 3.3% of estimated deaths could be prevented if participants had consumed less than 20g of processed meats per day.

The conclusion: If you happen to love sausage and bacon, don’t skip out on getting your fix every once in a while. According to Rohrmann, “It’s fine to eat bacon and sausages, but not in high amounts and not every day.”

If you have a history of poor cardiovascular health and are cautious of the amount of cholesterol and fats present in your everyday diet, it is best to significantly limit your intake of processed foods altogether.

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