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Popular Food Allergy Linked to Heart Disease

It seems much more prevalent today than in years passed that individuals of all ages are suffering from debilitating food allergies. Of the top food allergies most common in children and adults, an allergy to the protein prominent in wheat is on the rise and it could be taking a toll on more than just your digestive system.

For those who are gluten-intolerant or suffer from Celiac Disease, cutting gluten out of the diet to relieve unpleasant symptoms might seem like a hard task to overcome—no pizza, beer, pasta or soy sauce (believe it or not). Carefully reading labels and becoming aware of the ingredients present in your daily food consumption is the small price that you will have to pay to reap the benefits of a gluten free diet which will greatly benefit your overall health.

Celiac Disease, if not diagnosed,  is the true culprit to deteriorated health. From memory loss caused by malnutrition to other serious complications linking to heart disease, it is important to rule out any and all factors that could contribute to heart health implications.

So, how does Celiac Disease affect your heart? Individuals have been known to experience heart palpitations, dizziness and blackouts. A cardiac doctor may advise a patient to wear a holter cardiac monitor to ensure that no further heart problems exist. Family history of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can also play a role in evaluating heart related problems in relation to Celiac Disease. Before diagnosis, the candidate may experience a sudden episode of cardiac arrest. In stage, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can look like dilated cardiomyopathy which has been associated with Celiac Disease.

If you are worried that you have an allergy to wheat and have experienced heart palpitations, fainting or fatigue, contact your local physician and ask for a simple blood test to rule out Celiac Disease. For more information about finding a cardiologist in New York, contact us directly or book a consultation.

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