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The New York Heart Research Foundation is Selected to be a Class Focus at Hofstra University

The New York Heart Research Foundation (NYHRF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of diagnostic and treatment options for cardiovascular disease. The NYHRF is determined to achieve the following goals:

  1. To expand the sphere of broad base knowledge regarding the latest diagnostic and treatment options available for cardiovascular disease. NYHRF aims to include those areas of the population that would not normally have access to such options.
  2. To assure that physicians who have a major interest in research regarding the treatment of cardiovascular disease have available funding to assure their contribution to the cause stated above.
  3. To engage in clinical trials with new drug treatment options to assure quality of life for those individuals who have clinical signs of cardiovascular disease.
  4. To work closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop new treatment options and to educate the general population to their benefits and availability.
  5. To share knowledge and publish findings of clinical studies with physicians and researchers throughout the United States and abroad.
  6. To make training research available to physicians in underdeveloped countries and to follow their progress in treating patients in their homelands.
  7. To provide lifestyle education at the earliest level possible to insure cardiovascular health.
  8. To support community service programs that will provide diagnostic testing and counseling.

Each spring semester at Hofstra University, the public relations seniors’ class selects a nonprofit organization as their key project. THis semester, the New York Heart Research Foundation has been chosen and recognized as a leading nonprofit organization.

To learn more about the New York Heart Research Foundation and its clinical trials, please call: (516) 739-4982 or visit

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