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New Nutrition Plate Helps People Maintain Healthy Diet, Heart Health

Nutrition Plate

It’s no secret that one of the keys to maintaining good heart health is a healthy diet. Unfortunately, too many people simply don’t take the time to properly plan their meals. In an effort to help Americans make smart and healthy eating choices, the United States Department of Agriculture recently launched its new website,’s new plate graphic was designed to replace the outdated and somewhat confusing food pyramid. The site itself exists to educate Americans about the valuable nutrients contained in different foods and what potions of different types of foods people should consume daily. It also explains which foods fall into which categories.

This site is a fantastic resource for those looking to feed themselves or their families in a healthy manner. In addition to detailing which foods you should consume more of and which you should consume less of, the site has special instructions for specific groups of people, such as pregnant women and those attempting to lose weight.

The website also contains special advice for preschoolers and children, including materials to help teach them about what it means to have a healthy diet. By learning about proper diet from a young age, children can develop healthy eating habits. The goal is that through proper education, we can help America’s youth avoid developing bad habits that have helped create the current obesity epidemic plaguing the nation.

Another tool the site offers is weight loss tips. This weight loss section does not focus on simply losing weight at any cost; rather, it advises people on how to lose weight by living a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, it discusses how to maintain a healthy weight once weight loss goals have been achieved. Being able to take control of one’s weight through a healthy and balanced lifestyle is one of the best ways of preventing heart disease.

A healthy diet should be a goal for everyone, regardless of whether they are at a healthy weight or not. Unhealthy food damages your health in many ways that are not immediately visible—especially your heart. is a great way to get some help in forming and maintaining a proper diet. There’s no better way to invest in your own health than eating right.

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