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Cardiac Doctors Find a Heart for “Bionic Bride”

Bionic brideMost brides walk down the aisle feeling their hearts beat wildly as they take in their long-awaited ceremony. For Ally Smith Babineaux, however, a racing heart was not a concern on her wedding day. In fact, her heart beat was completely steady thanks to the mechanical heart pump regulating her most vital organ. Read more »

What to do When a Heart Attack Hits

What to do when having heart attackWith more than three-quarters of all heart attacks occurring at home, having an emergency plan in place as well as some basic first aid knowledge can make the difference between life and death. Read more »

7 Steps to Better Health…and $1 Million!

Dr. OzIf someone handed you a list of seven simple things to do that could radically improve your overall health, would you be willing to follow them? What if that person guaranteed you radically better health AND a million dollars? Read more »

Highway to the Danger Zone

air pollution dangersBusy commuters now have yet another reason to avoid rush hour traffic on their drives to and from work. It turns out that being exposed to traffic pollution can cause a higher risk of heart attack for up to six hours after the exposure. Read more »

New Campaign Aims to Save a Million Hearts

Be one in a million hearts. Get Involved.
This week several government organizations banded together to launch Million Hearts, an initiative to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes over the next five years. By promoting new methods of identifying cardiac risk factors, making sure patients receive treatment, and supporting healthy lifestyles the initiative wants to drastically improve overall cardiac health. Read more »

10 Years Later Healing Continues for Our Nation and Hearts

Heart Health For World Trade Center First RespondersThis weekend and the following days will bring a tidal surge of commentary surrounding the ten-year anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. The effect of this horrific event has surely become the touchstone of our society, filtering into each crevasse of every day American life. Read more »

Family History of Heart Attack Can Be Deadly Serious

History of Heart Attacks In FamilyIt has been fairly common knowledge for years now that a family history of heart problems can lead to a significant increase in risk for a person to inherit such health issues themselves. Unfortunately, some people don’t take a family history of heart attack or heart disease seriously enough. Read more »

Protect Yourself and Your Heart While Hiking This Summer

Summer Activities And Heart HealthThe beautiful weather and scenic views from 5,000 feet above the ground call outdoorsmen, naturalists and general adventurers to leave the a/c behind and head for the hills. However, while taking a nice stroll through the woods might seem like a relaxing and serene way to spend a few hours, climbing up a mountainside can take an extreme toll on your body. Read more »

Study: Heart Failure Linked to Memory Loss

Memory LossA new study has taken the first step in proving a link between heart health and brain function. It now appears that older patients with heart failure have significantly reduced verbal memory capabilities. Read more »

Celebrate 50 Years With Cake, Candles and a Colonoscopy

There’s a big party taking place on Pennsylvania Ave. today as President Obama celebrates his 50th birthday. While the President’s birthday might be more high-profile than that of a regular American, he is certainly not exempt from the obligations that come along with aging responsibly. Doctors use age 50 as the starting point for a host of health screening and prevention tests. Read more »