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Kick-Start Your Heart Healthy New Year!

Many people view the New Year as a fresh start-a chance to kick those bad habits and commit to better lifestyle choices. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, few are more common than those that involve physical health, whether it’s losing weight or exercising more. If you’ve decided to make 2012 the year for improving your health, why not start with these simple heart health tips? Read more »

Sleep Your Way to Better Heart Health

While visions of sugar plums dance in the heads of many youngsters at this time of year, some adults dealing with obstructive sleep apnea spend their nights tossing and turning instead of dreaming of Santa’s sleigh. Read more »

Childhood Obesity Rates Spark New Cholesterol Testing Guidelines

Childhood obesityOnce again emphasizing that cardiac events are not limited to any particular demographic, a new report suggests that children as young as nine should receive cholesterol screening to reduce the risk of heart disease or heart attack. Read more »

Calif. Hospital Doctors Medicare Bills for a Healthy Bottom Line

piggy bank with stethoscopeA Los Angeles medical center is now under scrutiny after reporting some of California’s highest rates of acute heart failure. Over the course of three years, the Chino Valley Medical Center diagnosed more than one-third of their Medicare patients with acute heart failure. Read more »

Protect Against Holiday Heart Syndrome This Season

Holiday eating and heart healthWith the holiday season in full swing and nostalgic tunes overtaking the radio waves, there’s little doubt that home is where the proverbial heart is. However, if family and friends are journeying to your home for holiday merriment, your heart may be in serious danger. Read more »

Catch Some Extra Rays to Prevent Heart Disease

cardiologyParents are always reminding their children how important it is to take their vitamins, but who is reminding them? Read more »

CT Screening Can Prevent Cancer Deaths

Smoking and heart healthHeavy smokers may now have greater hope in combating lung cancer even after years of  lung-damaging tobacco use thanks to a new screening test. Read more »

Snake Blood: The S-s-secret to Heart Health?

heart disease

The latest discovery by medical researchers may just hold a clue to treating or even preventing some of the most deadly heart conditions found in today’s society. While heart attacks and heart disease in America are all too common, the potential source of a cure is anything but. Read more »

Can Hormone Therapy Reduce Heart Disease Risk?

Hormone TherapyPeople assume far too often that heart disease is solely a men’s issue which doesn’t affect the fairer sex. In fact, heart disease kills 12 times more women than breast cancer and is responsible for half of deaths in women over 50. Read more »

A Little Extra Stress Could Save Your Life

heart healthWhile having an excess of stress in your life can adversely affect your health, the stress tests performed by cardiologists have nothing to do with meeting work deadlines or preparing for a visit from your in-laws. Read more »