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ID-100176557Beware of using over-the-counter supplements. They are not typically FDA-approved, and may not contain the ingredients that they claim to. Always consult your physician before starting any herbal (even organic) supplements.

by Richard H. Smith, MD
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We Put Our Hearts Into Healing Yours

Steven_Shayani1-240x300Since 1994, Long Island Heart Associates has focused on comprehensive and compassionate cardiac care, offering a multitude of high-quality services to our patients.
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Bacteria in the Intestines Linked to Heart Attacks

It may come as no surprise that there is a conspicuous correlation between the food that people eat and their risk for heart attack and heart disease. While we often link the type and amount of food as the driving factor for heart health complications, researchers have now linked bacteria in the intestines to an increased risk of heart attack, focusing primarily on carnitine and lecithin. Read more »

Twitter—a Preventative Measure for Cardiovascular Disease

Want to hear about the latest and greatest news in real-time? Turn your sights towards social platforms where newsworthy information can be shared in mere seconds. According to a recent article published by MedicalXpress, Twitter can play a key role in preventing heart disease as suggested by a group of researchers affiliated with the University of Sydney. Read more »

Male Pattern Baldness and Heart Disease—Are You At Risk?

Going bald is a reality many men face at different stages of life. According to the latest batch of news reports published on NBC News, USA Today and Bloomberg, male pattern baldness, the most common type of hair loss in men, could be linked to an increased risk of heart disease—a study that has gained serious recognition over the past few weeks. Read more »

Bikram Yoga: Internal and External Health Benefits

Bikram Yoga gained popularity in the 1970’s and has remained popular in both India and the United States for the healing powers associated with the 26 pose series. Whether you suffer from debilitating thyroid or kidney conditions to heart disease or arthritis, the benefits of Bikram are widespread. Read more »

Travel Smart: Heart Health Tips to “Bring With You”

Who doesn’t love the thought of a much-needed vacation? A planned getaway: a time to clear your mind and rest from the hectic work week over a series of days where you spend time doing what you want to do without a care in the world. Let’s face it, as wonderful as traveling can be, arriving at your planned destination takes a lot of time, money and effort which can be stressful in and of itself. Read more »

Run Your Way to Health

Cardio is a great way to burn calories and build endurance. Running is one of the best full body workouts and will greatly benefit your health if the right steps are taken to increase stamina. If you’re interested in becoming a runner, lace up and get ready. This article will give you the guidance you need to get out and get a move on. Read more »

Job Stress Could Be Hurting Your Heart

It is important to have a healthy balance between work life and family life, but what is considered healthy when work seems to be getting the best of you? For those who are plagued by stress and anxiety, you know how it feels to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Read more »

Processed Meat Linked to Heart Disease

The latest findings suggest that processed meat consumption leads to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Before you claim that the researchers are full of bologna, take a look at what they found. Read more »