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Is Pregnancy With a Heart Condition Too Risky?

shutterstock_209525794_230resizeIf you have a heart problem, you may have heard that your condition will interfere with plans to start a family. Read more »

Skipping Breakfast Takes a Toll on Heart Health in Males, Study Finds

shutterstock_182509526_230 resizeA recent study confirmed that WHEN you eat is important for heart health. Read more »

Exercise Your Heart

shutterstock_70838677_230resizeYour heart is, as we all know, a critical muscle and it gets stronger and healthier if you lead an active life. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start exercising. Just taking a brief stroll can make an enormous difference when it comes to your heart health. Read more »

New Study Suggests That Half Of Heart Disease Deaths Are Preventable

shutterstock_130094798_230resizeAccording to the American Heart Association, heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases kill nearly three-quarters of a million Americans each year. They are also the primary cause of death, accounting for almost 30% of all deaths in the United States. However, according to a new study from the Annals of Internal Medicine, half of these deaths may be preventable. Read more »

Women’s Heart Attack Symptoms May Differ From Men’s

shutterstock_192307088_230resizeChest pain and shortness of breath have long been well-known signs of a heart attack. According to the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, these symptoms are based on men’s experiences. Read more »

Heartbeat May Predict Sexual Function in Women

heartbeatAs the result of a recent study, females who experience sexual dysfunction or a lack of interest in sexual activities may want to check their heartbeat. Read more »

New Studies Reveal Women With PTSD Face Higher Risk Of Heart Attack

woman-xray-heart_230resizedAccording to a new study, women who have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are at greater risk of heart attacks than those who have never experienced such trauma. Read more »

Dr. Steven Shayani is once again chosen as a Top Doctor in New York Magazine

nymag_3_sm Dr. Steven Shayani has once again been chosen as a 2015 “Top Doctor” by Castle Connolly in the health issue of New York Magazine.
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Cardiovascular Wellness: Keys to a Healthy Heart

UntitledDr. Steven Shayani was featured in an “Ask the Experts” in a heart disease special in Newsday. Dr. Shayani answers “Can heart disease be reversed?”
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How Much To Run?

jogging-on-beachA recent landmark report from Denmark sheds important light on the risks and benefits of running. Accurately analyzing running habits is difficult because there are many variables that must be considered such as the runner’s pace, the difficulty of the terrain, as well as the intensity and frequency of jogging.

by Richard H. Smith, MD

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