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Monitoring Your Heart Health: There’s An App for That!

Do you remember when the iPhone was first released?  People young and old camped outside of Apple stores nationwide waiting to get their hands on a piece of history. News stations reported the day as if a major event had occurred, changing the world as we know it. Who knew that the iPhone would do just that?

Welcome to the age of self-diagnosis and advances in technology that one could have never dreamed possible a mere decade ago. If you have an iPhone, you are most likely aware of the features that set it aside from its competition. In fact, your iPhone can be a real lifesaver.

Heart health is nothing to take lightly, especially if you are an athlete or have a long standing family history of heart disease or high cholesterol. Fortunately, if you own an iPhone you can take advantage of a new app that turns your phones camera into a heart rate monitor for less than five dollars.

How Cardiio works:

According to, the new technology is based on cutting-edge research and science conducted at the MIT Media Lab. Studies prove that Cardiio’s heart rate measurements are within 3bpm’s of clinical pulse oximeters.

Turn your iPhone camera into a biosensor:

When your heart beats, blood is pumped into your face. Though the human eye is unable to catch the change in light reflected from your face, the iPhone camera has this ability and will tell you if something looks questionable. The increase in blood volume, visible by the iPhone camera, causes more light to be absorbed and less light to be reflected from your face. The app then stores this data which will allow you to track changes in your heart rate after waking up or engaging in physical activity.

Cardiio is truly insightful and can be a wakeup call for individuals who are overweight or deprived of physical activity. It has the ability to estimate your potential life expectancy while offering data to compare your heart rate to that of the average person in the United States.

If you or someone you know has a history of heart complications or has worried about heart health due to factors such as weight, diet and smoking, check out Cardiio or request a consultation today with the Long Island Heart Associates.


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