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Is Your Heart Crying Out For Help?

The human body and its internal organs are complex in build, yet masterful by the way in which they connect and perform by working off of each other to sustain life. Individuals who are mindful of leading a healthy lifestyle will likely reap the benefits of keeping the body and the most important organs healthy and out of harm’s way.


It is important to be wary of genetic heart disorders as well as diet and exercise to protect yourself from disease and illness.

Take note of any signs of discomfort as it could be your heart crying out for help. No matter how large or small, ignoring these signs for too long could result in horrible damage that chooses to surface sooner rather than later. Identifying these signs is important and could save your life. To avoid a very expensive and unnecessary visit to the emergency room, remember the five warning signs below:

  1. Weakness of the body: Not everyone can deadlift their weight, make it to the gym each day or follow a strict workout routine, but day-to-day activities should be a breeze. If light-weight objects such as a bottle of water or simply walking a few yards poses as a challenge, you should seek the assistance of a cardiologist immediately. This could be a sign of a heart attack in your future.
  2. Chest Discomfort: Have you ever heard the song, achy breaky heart? Billy Ray Cyrus might have been on to something. Did you know that your heart can actually be affected by stress and anxiety? Chest pain is a major indicator of a heart attack and should never be taken lightly. If you have ever experienced chest pain, consult a physician and have yourself examined before the damage becomes apparent. In this situation, the heart itself might be okay but pain within the vicinity of your chest cavity could be your body trying to give a warning about something else.
  3. Fatigue: Feeling tired once in a while is normal and could be the result of overworking yourself either at home, at the gym, at work or with the family. But if this extreme fatigue is ongoing and you find yourself constantly exhausted, seek medical attention. Unusual fatigue is very common for women just days before a heart attack strikes. If you feel exhausted all of the time, it may be a sign of heart failure or other serious problems. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in the United States. Please do not take this statistic lightly.
  4. Abnormal heartbeat: An abnormal pulse or irregular heartbeat accompanied by difficulty breathing is a desperate cry for attention from the heart. It may be that the main heart valves are damaged and struggling to pump blood properly which can lead to problems such as a stroke or heart failure.
  5. Bodily aches and pains: When the heart is in pain or having problems, it is natural for our body to react and display pain as well. Many heart attacks begin in the chest and expand to the rest of the body though there have been cases where there is no chest pain and aches are found elsewhere such as the back, arms, neck, shoulders and abdomen. The pain may be intermittent in the days leading up to the heart attack.


Our body realizes when there is a problem with our heart and will naturally act out for help in grim situations. Getting help as soon as possible is vital. Your heart will thank you and your life may depend on it. Contact us today if you are worried about the health of your heart. Our physicians are experts in the field and will be able to identify an issue if one exists. Call us to schedule an appointment today or request a consultation.

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