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Finding a significant blockage in main artery after “clean bill of health” report

A patient in his mid-seventies has has a stress test in his regular doctor’s office every year for the last decade or so. Every year, he was sent home with a clean bill of health. This year, he decided that he needed something different. A friend told him to visit LiHeart.


He passed his stress test, but the LiHeart doctor was not satisfied. He performed a cardiac cat scan, revealing a significant blockage in a main artery – the widow maker artery. The original doctor is not at fault for missing the blockage; he simply does not have the same technology that Long Island has in its facility.


Soon after, our patient was seen in the cath lab of The Mount Sinai Medical center where a world-renowned doctor found and stented a 99% blockage of the main artery. The patient received his stent on Friday, and returned to work early Monday morning, good as new.


Had it not been for the expertise of the LiHeart cardiologist and the amazing technology, this patient most probably would not have been here to celebrate his next birthday. Now, he is planning to go on a summer cruise with his grandchildren.

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