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Dr. Steven Shayani of Long Island Heart Associates discusses the heart health benefits of Butterfi, a new type of butter with less calories, cholesterol, salt and fat than normal butter.

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Finally – A Better Butter

Physicians say Butterfi has health benefits for those watching their diet January 21, 2011 If you’ve been told to watch your butter intake and eat margarine instead, physicians say you now have a better option. Butterfi, which is real butter made with organic inulin fiber, reduces the calories, cholesterol, fat and salt normally found in butter by a whopping 35 percent. “You also get three grams of soluble fiber in every serving as well as reducing the things that tend to give butter a bad reputation,” says Kelly Cox, Butterfi inventor, and resident of Cloverdale. Cox’s company, Think Nutrition, makes Butterfi with real cream, inulin and kosher salt. It comes in 8 oz. tubs with a picture of a rare… Read More >>