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Future Heart Health Predictions in Plain Sight

Did you know that your appearance may be a mirror image of your heart health? At the latest “Scientific Session,” a conference led by the American Heart Association, the most cutting-edge procedures, tips and discoveries about heart health were shared by leading heart experts.

President of the AHA, Donna Arnett, shed light on what she and other heart experts in the industry would like consumers to take away from the latest findings. Think you know all there is to know about your heart health? Think again. Though many of us may be unaware of the impact poor heart health can have on our overall health, research suggests that tell-tale signs visible by the naked eye may be just enough to predict future heart problems, according to a recent CNN News article.

There are many health implications that offer apparent signs from an individual’s outer appearance. As liver complications can discolor the skin and whites of the eyes, signs of future heart problems may also be noticeable. Fatty deposits around the eyelid, also known as Xanthlasmata, is just one of four signs of aging that were apparent in individuals at an increased risk for heart disease.

Though signs of aging are common amongst the older population, people who have three to four of these signs, including receding hairlines, balding at the crown and earlobe creases should be monitored by a physician or cardiologist. According to Arnett, cardiologists have long known that people with earlobe crease and xanthelomas were at an increased risk. The most recent findings denote that individuals who notice signs of aging in coordination with one another should begin by taking these four simple steps to ensure a heart healthy lifestyle.

  1. Talk to your doctor about your health.
  2. Have your cholesterol levels checked
  3. Eat well and maintain a proper weight.
  4. Exercise and DO NOT smoke!
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