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obesity A body weight 20 percent or more above the accepted standard for a person’s age, sex, and body type.

occipital lobes The back part of the brain.

occlusion Blockage of an opening or vessel in the body.

open-heart surgery A major surgical procedure on the heart during which circulatory functions are temporarily taken over by a heart-lung machine.

orthopnea Shortness of breath that occurs when lying down, usually a symptom of heart failure.

orthostatic hypotension A sudden drop in blood pressure that occurs when a person stands up. Can cause fainting.

ostium primum In the heart of a fetus, an opening that serves as a link between the two developing atria. It closes as the septum fully develops.

ostium secundum In the heart of a fetus, an opening that develops as the ostium primurn closes, continuing communication between the atria.

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