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Heartbeat May Predict Sexual Function in Women

heartbeatAs the result of a recent study, females who experience sexual dysfunction or a lack of interest in sexual activities may want to check their heartbeat. Read more »

Male Pattern Baldness and Heart Disease—Are You At Risk?

Going bald is a reality many men face at different stages of life. According to the latest batch of news reports published on NBC News, USA Today and Bloomberg, male pattern baldness, the most common type of hair loss in men, could be linked to an increased risk of heart disease—a study that has gained serious recognition over the past few weeks. Read more »

Processed Meat Linked to Heart Disease

The latest findings suggest that processed meat consumption leads to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Before you claim that the researchers are full of bologna, take a look at what they found. Read more »

Dance Your Way to Better Health

If you were told that you could burn fat and tone up to stay in shape while having fun, would you believe it? The latest workout craze—Zumba has taken the nation by storm. Are you willing to give it a try to keep yourself in tip-top shape? Read more »

A Happy Heart for Valentine’s Day

When you think of Valentine’s Day, the image of flowers, chocolate and pink and red everything will likely cloud your mind. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart or a beloved friend or family member, nothing makes the heart happier than chocolate in moderation and the feeling of being loved, or in love! Read more »

Lycopene-Based Foods Linked to Heart Health

A tomato a day will keep the doctor away—okay, maybe that saying is a bit different than the one that you grew up with in grade school, but that does not mean it’s incorrect. Read more »

The Truth About Vitamins and Heart Health

Vitamins: The good, the bad and the cure-all for turning around that rather unhealthy lifestyle. While nearly half of U.S. adults take a daily dietary supplement—a total cost of around $28 billion a year, new studies are leaving many of us questioning whether vitamins are really as beneficial to our health as we would like to believe.  Read more »

The Impact of Energy Drinks on Your Heart

A simple Google search will bring up countless reports suggesting the negative health implications that energy drinks have on the body, but are you aware of the possible long-term health risks that come with energy drink consumption and the toll it takes on your heart? Read more »

Future Heart Health Predictions in Plain Sight

Did you know that your appearance may be a mirror image of your heart health? At the latest “Scientific Session,” a conference led by the American Heart Association, the most cutting-edge procedures, tips and discoveries about heart health were shared by leading heart experts. Read more »

Long-Lasting Effects of a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can strike fast, often without warning—much like a heart attack. Protecting your heart from stressors in your surrounding environment along with maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle will keep you out of harm’s way, if you happen to cross its path. Read more »