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Long Island Heart Associates’ Medical Director, Dr. Steven Shayani, talks about why nuclear stress tests may not always detect coronary artery disease.

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Can Nuclear Stress Tests Miss Severe Coronary Artery Disease?

Feb 24, 2011 Nuclear stress tests can miss severe coronary artery disease; former president Bill Clinton’s nuclear stress tests were normal, five years running, completely missing the severe coronary artery disease that eventually required quadruple bypass surgery. Yes, nuclear stress tests can miss severe coronary artery disease. I consulted with cardiologist Dr. Steven Shayani, Medical Director of Outpatient Services for Mount Sinai Hospital and Long Island Heart Associates. Dr. Shayani explains, “Nuclear stress tests may show normal perfusion even if there are multiple blockages, because this type of imaging modality looks at the relative changes/differences in myocardial perfusion.” (Perfusion means flow of blood through vessels.) “If there are multiple obstructions in the arteries,” continues Dr. Shayani, “The overall image of… Read More >>