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Archive for December, 2012

Fight The Mid-Winter Blues

With the low temperature, reduced physical activity, shorter days and a lack of sunlight, it may come as no surprise that the winter months prove to be the most miserable time of the year for individuals with mild to moderate depression. Read more »

The Truth About Vitamins and Heart Health

Vitamins: The good, the bad and the cure-all for turning around that rather unhealthy lifestyle. While nearly half of U.S. adults take a daily dietary supplement—a total cost of around $28 billion a year, new studies are leaving many of us questioning whether vitamins are really as beneficial to our health as we would like to believe.  Read more »

Is Your Heart Crying Out For Help?

The human body and its internal organs are complex in build, yet masterful by the way in which they connect and perform by working off of each other to sustain life. Individuals who are mindful of leading a healthy lifestyle will likely reap the benefits of keeping the body and the most important organs healthy and out of harm’s way. Read more »

The Impact of Energy Drinks on Your Heart

A simple Google search will bring up countless reports suggesting the negative health implications that energy drinks have on the body, but are you aware of the possible long-term health risks that come with energy drink consumption and the toll it takes on your heart? Read more »