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Archive for October, 2011

Can Hormone Therapy Reduce Heart Disease Risk?

Hormone TherapyPeople assume far too often that heart disease is solely a men’s issue which doesn’t affect the fairer sex. In fact, heart disease kills 12 times more women than breast cancer and is responsible for half of deaths in women over 50. Read more »

A Little Extra Stress Could Save Your Life

heart healthWhile having an excess of stress in your life can adversely affect your health, the stress tests performed by cardiologists have nothing to do with meeting work deadlines or preparing for a visit from your in-laws. Read more »

Cardiac Doctors Find a Heart for “Bionic Bride”

Bionic brideMost brides walk down the aisle feeling their hearts beat wildly as they take in their long-awaited ceremony. For Ally Smith Babineaux, however, a racing heart was not a concern on her wedding day. In fact, her heart beat was completely steady thanks to the mechanical heart pump regulating her most vital organ. Read more »

What to do When a Heart Attack Hits

What to do when having heart attackWith more than three-quarters of all heart attacks occurring at home, having an emergency plan in place as well as some basic first aid knowledge can make the difference between life and death. Read more »