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Archive for August, 2011

Protect Yourself and Your Heart While Hiking This Summer

Summer Activities And Heart HealthThe beautiful weather and scenic views from 5,000 feet above the ground call outdoorsmen, naturalists and general adventurers to leave the a/c behind and head for the hills. However, while taking a nice stroll through the woods might seem like a relaxing and serene way to spend a few hours, climbing up a mountainside can take an extreme toll on your body. Read more »

Study: Heart Failure Linked to Memory Loss

Memory LossA new study has taken the first step in proving a link between heart health and brain function. It now appears that older patients with heart failure have significantly reduced verbal memory capabilities. Read more »

Celebrate 50 Years With Cake, Candles and a Colonoscopy

There’s a big party taking place on Pennsylvania Ave. today as President Obama celebrates his 50th birthday. While the President’s birthday might be more high-profile than that of a regular American, he is certainly not exempt from the obligations that come along with aging responsibly. Doctors use age 50 as the starting point for a host of health screening and prevention tests. Read more »