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Archive for July, 2011

Genes Give You Mom’s Eyes and Dad’s Heart Problems

GeneticsA new study out of Britain has proven that you are justified in blaming your parents when things go wrong. Or, at least you can when those things affect your heart. Read more »

5 Tips to Heat-Proof Your Heart

Heat DangersA blistering heat wave has been rolling across the country as mid-summer temperatures hit peak levels. This weekend in particular is predicted to be sweltering for anyone in the northeast, with heat indexes in some cities reaching upwards of 115⁰ F. Read more »

CT Scan Can Detect Calcium Build-Up

CT Scan For HeartA recent article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, shows that coronary calcium build up in the heart detected by a coronary artery CT scan was linked to an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. These risks exist even in patients who did not have symptoms of heart disease. Read more »

Scientists Say it’s Safe to Pass the Salt, For Now

People who much prefer the flavorful tang of well-salted foods to their bland counterparts can once again reach for the salt shaker without fear of health risks, for now at least. A recent British clinical trial in which researchers studied the salt intake of 6,500 people called into question the long-held views that salt is inherently bad.

Read more »