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Dr. Steven Zeldis Is Listed Again as One of Long Islands Top Cardiologists

June 30, 2010

(Mineola, NY) As the Director of Cardiac Imaging at Long Island Heart Associates a clinical affiliate of The Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, Dr. Zeldis continues to provide innovative clinical advances on Long Island. As the former Chief of Cardiology and Director of Continuing Medical Education at Winthrop University Hospital, Dr. Steven Zeldis has been practicing medicine for over 35 years and continues to be named among the Top Cardiologists of Long Island.

Long Island Heart Associates (LIHA) was founded by Steven Shayani, M.D., F.A.C.C. and has served Nassau County and the Long Island and Queens area since 1994. LIHA was the first private cardiology practice on the East Coast with the GE Ultrafast Cardiac CT Imaging machine. “Dr. Zeldis’ medical expertise has helped us increase the awareness of CT Imaging as a key tool in the prevention and diagnosis of cardiac disease,” stated Dr. Steven Shayani, Medical Director of Long Island Heart Associates.

The treatment and diagnosis provided by Dr. Zeldis is unprecedented and includes the use of the most modern medical technology. Dr. Zeldis stated, “I am proud to be able to offer patients the latest advances in cardiology, and preventative care which improves our patients’ well being.” A graduate of Yale Medical School and the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Zeldis has developed a state of the art diagnostic facility in echocardiography and cardiovascular CT. Results of which help cardiologists provide outstanding cardiology care. Dr. Zeldis sees cardiology patients at the Long Island Heart Associates location in Mineola, New York.

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